Acromio-Clavicular Joint Osteoarthritis / Osteolysis


Dislocation of the shoulder occurs commonly when playing sport. The immediate treatment is to reduce the shoulder as soon as possible. However, many people injure the ligaments in the shoulder at the time of dislocation and are left with the feeling that their shoulder is unstable.


For some physiotherapy is all that is required, although for most young sports people wishing to return to sport surgery is required to decrease the chances of their shoulder dislocating again. This can be performed by keyhole surgery and day-case surgery by using specific techniques to tighten the injured ligaments in the shoulder.


The rehab from the surgery is in conjunction with our physiotherapy team. There is limitation to movement in the first few weeks but then the focus moves to regaining a full range of motion while crucially now feeling as though the shoulder is stable. With the use of specialist proprioception exercises and our sports specific rehabilitation programme, we aim to return a player to most sports by 4 or 5 months following surgery.