Clavicle Fracture


The collarbone is one of the most common bones to be broken in the body. It is often as a result of falling on to the point of the shoulder and is commonly injured in cyclists, motocross riders and motorcyclists.


A good deal of clavicle fractures may be treated without an operation. However, there is a few fracture patterns that are best treated with an operation. An x-ray series will determine the position of the broken bones and guide whether or not surgery is indicated. The surgery involves the insertion of a plate and screws to hold the collarbone together while the bone heals. This is day case surgery.


The rehab is under the guidance of our physiotherapy team and initially involves working on range of motion exercises. Once a full range of motion is established, muscle-strengthening work will commence. This is all in conjunction with the rate of healing as will be demonstrated by the x-ray findings.