Postero-Lateral Corner (PLC)


The PLC is the name given to a collection of ligaments in the knee that are located on the outer side of the joint in the back of the knee. They are injured in severe, high-energy injuries of the knee. They may be injured in conjunction with other knee injuries. This injury is a serious one that carries a high risk of not being able to return to the same level of play in sport in spite of the best treatment.


Most PLC injuries require surgery to reconstruct the ligaments. This is an extensive procedure that involves placing a graft to reconstruct the PLC and provide stability to the injured knee. This is an open procedure and we recommend an overnight stay in hospital for initial recovery.  


The rehab is long and arduous but under the guidance of our physiotherapy team involves working on range of motion exercises within a brace initially. Once a full range of motion is established, muscle-strengthening work will commence. Gradually sport specific exercises are introduced into the rehabilitation with the aim to return to play only once specific performance criteria are met.