Quadricpes Tendon


The quadriceps tendon connects the quadriceps (thigh muscle) to the patella (kneecap) thus allowing extension of the knee joint. The tendon can be a cause of pain because of a process called tendinopathy. This may eventually cause the tendon to rupture or tear. A rupture can occur as a single injury as well, thereby causing pain and weakness.


Tendinopathy may be treated by physiotherapy under the guidance of our specialist sports physiotherapists with or without the addition of injections of platelet rich plasma in order to tray and promote healing of the tendon. A rupture of the tendon will require an operation to repair the tendon. This may be performed with reinforcing the repair with an artificial ligament in order to enable early post-op mobilisation. This is performed as a day case procedure.  


The rehab for tendinopathy involves the use of personalised rehab programme that promotes eccentric muscular contraction. Following surgery to repair a tendon rupture we recommend using a brace and first gaining full range of motion prior to progressing on to muscular strengthening.