Rotator Cuff Tendon Tear


The rotator cuff describes the main muscles and tendons that move the shoulder joint. The tendons may be injured and torn either as a result of a one-off injury or due to them eventually wearing out through excessive loading. This not only causes pain in the shoulder but may also cause weakness in shoulder movement, both significant problems when trying to play sport.


Physiotherapy alone may improve the shoulder pain and function but most tears would be best treated by repair of the tendon in order to regain function and strength and to return to sport. This repair may be performed by keyhole surgery and day case surgery by using special techniques to reattach the torn tendon back to bone.


The rehab from the surgery is in conjunction with our physiotherapy team. There is limitation to movement in the first few weeks but then the focus moves to regaining a full range of motion. The progression is then on to With the use of specialist exercises and our sports specific rehabilitation programme, we aim to return a player to most sports by 6 to 8 months following surgery (depending on the sport).