Separated Shouler - Acromio-Clavicular Joint Disruption


This is caused by injury to the ligaments that hold the collarbone in its usual place as it joins the shoulder. It is often a result of falling onto the point of the shoulder, commonly occurring in sport. It can lead to the collarbone being put out of place. The injury initially causes pain at the top of the shoulder.


Depending upon the severity of the displacement of the collarbone, the problem may be treated non-operatively with pain management or if more severe, it may require an operation. The operation is a day-case procedure that reconstructs the ligaments that have been torn using an artificial scaffold for the ligaments to re-form to.


The recovery is steady and is under the guidance of our physiotherapy team. The aim is to work towards a full range of motion while the ligaments are healing and then commence work on muscle strengthening before sports specific rehabilitation prior to an estimated return to sport (depending upon the sport) at 3 to 4 months post-operatively.